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Update: Attention Drivers, the new starting list is online! All drivers with a green field on the EFRA-License

or their national license are finally confirmed from place 1 to 156, except those persons we are missing the payment.

Please do the payment within the next 6 days ( until 03 Mai ) , otherwise we erase you out of the list!

The same will be done for this drivers, who have no EFRA-License and no national license.

Please tell the correct numbers as soon as possible (immediately) to the registration.

Registration Office

Extract from the EFRA Rules:

4.1.3. All competitors at EFRA Grand Prix and other EFRA sanctioned events (apart from EC´s) must either have a valid EFRA drivers license,

or a valid National License issued by their National organization. The licence must be produced personally at registration.

The organiser will register the licence numbers of all drivers and record these in the final results.

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